Desjoyaux’s Pipeless Filtration system adopts the concept of a standalone unit, and thus eliminates the need for underground pipe system, balancing tank, and external pump. These are the reasons why our system makes so much sense:

  • No backwashing = no wastewater disposal = reduced water consumption
  • No pipes = zero chance of underground pipe leakage
  • No pipes = minimal head loss and reduced electricity consumption
  • Reduced filtration time – reduced filtration unit runtime = energy savings
  • No cumbersome filter cleaning maintenance
  • No balancing tank and external pump = no pump room = saving space
  • Runs silently and very easy to maintain 

The Pipeless Filtration system comes in various models, catering to different needs. These include cross-current swimming, pool heating, and various other options to improve your comfort and enjoyment.


  • Surface Mounted Units

    Surface-mounted unit is the most emblematic of Desjoyaux's filtration systems over the years.
    It has been wildly successful due to its efficiency, practicality, and innovative yet simple design.

  • Integrated Filtration Units

    Integrated filtration units offer an all-in-one solution that can be installed into the pool structure.
    It blends in so well with its surrounding that you can almost forget it is there at all.

  • Jet Set Filtering Stairs

    Jet Set filtering stairs is the ultimate luxury among our filtration units. it is a filtration system with spa options.
    It is cleverly designed to integrate spa-style hydrotherapy into the unit.